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About Us

Nanjing Puruida Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. As a biopharmaceutical industry with growth potential, has always been committed to the research and production of high quality products and professional services. Products sold in major U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies, operating in line with the U.S. FDA approval involving intermediates and GMP standard pharmaceutical raw materials, finished products research and development, process optimization and scale production. Chemical company located in Nanjing Zijin special community.We uphold the intellectual property rights of its own advanced concepts, integrating advantageous resources and foreign markets, by virtue of superior research and production capabilities, occupied the forefront of the international hightech, at an unprecedented rate in the international biomedical field is unique. The introduction of the world's advanced and competitive technology and equipment, providing customers with leading international products and a full range of services to provide the technology to market more than 100, more than 3500 kinds of new products.

Nanjing Puruida Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.